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    Terrence Spencer

    Why I am here asking simple questions.

    Way back in 2016 I was researching low power IOT communication options.
    Lora / LoraWAN obviously popped up.

    I started researching who made Lora equipment and low and behold I found a USA manufacturer – MultiTech.

    I contacted your sales department for more details.

    I ended up talking with Brandon Dalida and he gave me the run down on your LoraWAN product line.

    After many back and forth emails he mentioned he would be in Austin visiting other contacts. I invited him to dinner at my house and we had a fine time.

    Over the years…
    I was in on the first round of Helium miners when they launched the network in Austin way back when.
    I have a Helium RAK miner gateway.
    I have a Dragino Lora gateway.
    …all made in Asia.

    I have nothing against Asian manufacturers, but I do have something “for” USA manufacturers.

    It is satisfying to be struggling to get my American made gateway up and running.

    I am a 30-year business IT/software guy. I write c#, not c++, so this long IOT journey is hard for me.

    …But I love the fact that I am building my own IOT network where the data is going into my database, not the other guy’s database.

    So, thank you guys for answering my, what must be simple to you, questions.

    Once I get data flowing to my Azure assets, I will be off to the races and who knows what products I will end up producing.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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