Network Join Modes


The mDot can also be activated manually if supported by network server.

  • AT+NJM=0 Configure mDot for manual join mode
  • AT+NA Network Address Network address (devAddr in LoraMac) (4 bytes)
  • AT+NSK Network Session Key Network session encryption key (16 bytes)
  • AT+DSK Data Session Key Data session encryption key (16 bytes)


OTA – Network Join

After configuring the NetworkID and NetworkKey on the mDot. A join packet can be sent with the DeviceID, NetworkID and a dev-nonce value. The network server will check the NetworkID and assign an address which is returned with the NetID and app-nonce value. Using the network address, NetID, nonce values and NetworkKey, session keys will be generated independently on the device and network server for encrypting transmissions during the session.

  • AT+NJM=1 Configure mDot for OTA join mode (default)
  • AT+NI NetworkID
  • AT+NK NetworkKey
  • AT+JOIN Send a join request to the server
  • AT+NJS Display current join status 0:not joined, 1:joined


AUTO OTA – Network Join

After a successful join the session information will be stored in flash. This session info will be restored when waking from sleep. If the device is reset or the power cycled the session info will be reset and a join will be attempted. The session info will be valid as long as the mDot checks in before the lease-time configured on the Conduit® expires.

  • AT+NJM=2 Configure mDot for AUTO OTA join mode
  • AT+NI NetworkID
  • AT+NK NetworkKey
  • AT+JOIN Reloads the session info from flash
  • AT+JOIN=1 Force mDot to perform OTA join regardless for saved session