CoreCDP™ is a custom Linux distribution that runs on Multi-Tech MultiConnect™ OCG hardware. For hardware specs and information, go to MultiConnect OCG

CoreCDP uses the OpenEmbedded framework and is based on Angstrom, a distribution that targets mobile handheld devices. OpenEmbedded provides a complete environment for cross-compiling 1000’s of open source software packages.

OpenEmbedded uses a task automation tool called BitBake to organize and execute tasks. Tasks include downloading, configuring, compiling, and packaging software, as well as dependency handling. The OpenEmbedded repository consists of a large collection of BitBake files (called “recipes”) that ultimately provide the instructions needed to build a cross-compilation toolchain, a Linux kernel, and a root filesystem image.

To install the build platform and start building a sample image, see Getting Started. See Prerequisites for development machine recommendations and software requirements. A Debian-based distribution is recommended, however nearly any modern Linux distribution should work if the proper packages are installed. Ubuntu is recommended since it receives the most testing by Multi-Tech.