CoreCDP 2.2.2 Release Notes

CoreCDP 2.2.2

CoreCDP 2.2.2 was released on September 28, 2012.

CoreCDP 2.2.2 is an update release that adds support for OCG models with new cellular radios (H5, EV3). It also fixes a system reboot reliability problem that was introduced in 2.1.0 where a reboot may occasionally fail and the unit will hang.

If you are running CoreCDP 2.1.0, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to improve reboot reliability.
Changes since 2.1.0
  • Fixed soft reboot reliability regression introduced in 2.1.0
  • Added support for new OCG models
    • MTCDP-H5
    • MTCDP-EV3
    • MT100EOCG-H5
    • MT100EOCG-EV3
  • Added udev rules for consistent cellular modem port naming
    • /dev/modem_at0 – first AT command port
    • /dev/modem_at1 – second AT command port, etc (if it exists)
    • /dev/modem0 – first modem port (not necessarily an AT command port)
    • /dev/modem1 – second modem port, etc
  • Updated default PPP options file to use /dev/modem_at0
Known Issues
  • In order to reset the radio for H5 models, the user must call the /usr/sbin/radio-reset-h5 script rather than using the standard mts-io method. This script disables all USB host ports while the radio is reset. If the script is not used, the radio will fail to reset and will not function until properly reset.
  • CoreCDP 2.2.2 won’t build properly on Ubuntu 11.10 or later. Please use a supported distribution from the list below. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is highly recommended.
  • OpenJDK doesn’t build on all Linux distributions, see the list below for more information.
  • To build OpenJDK on CentOS 5.6 and CentOS 6, SELinux should be disabled (run ‘setenforce 0’ as root)
Supported Linux distributions for build system
  • Ubuntu 9.10 to 11.04 (recommended)
  • Debian 6 (recommended)
  • openSUSE 11.4
  • Fedora 12-15 (openjdk doesn’t build)
  • CentOS 5.6
  • CentOS 6
Notable Software Versions
GCC 4.5.3
Glibc 2.12
Busybox 1.18.3
U-Boot 1.3.4
Python 2.6.6
Perl 5.10.1
Ruby 1.8.7-p302
JamVM 1.5.4
OpenJDK 6b24
PHP 5.3.6
Mono 2.6.3
PPP 2.4.5
OpenSSL 1.0.0d
Dropbear (ssh daemon) 0.52
Lighttpd 1.4.28
Download the tarball: CoreCDP 2.2.2 (3469 downloads )
Pre-built packages and images:
Git access: git://
Cgit web interface:
Release tag: 2.2.2

See Getting Started for build instructions using the provided tarball.

Supported Hardware

MTCDP-1.0 (no radio)
MT100EOCG (no radio)

How to Build from Git (if not using release tarball)
# clone the repo
git clone git://
cd corecdp

# checkout a branch/tag
git checkout corecdp-2.2.2

# init git submodules and setup dir structure

# setup environment

# Optionally edit conf/local.conf to customize some settings:
# INHERIT += "rm_work" (save disk space or keep source code)
# Set BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE to values that make sense
# for your system and the number of CPU cores you have.

# build an image
bitbake corecdp-base-image