Setting Up a Package Feed

Setting up a package feed on your development machine:

  • Install a web server on your development machine and set the document root to:
  • Create a feed config file in /etc/opkg (such as /etc/opkg/local.conf) on the target device that adds your development machine as a package source, assuming is your IP address and MACHINE=”mtcdp”:
  • src/gz base
    src/gz base2

The following commands can be run on the device to update the list of packages available and install a new package:

  • opkg update
  • opkg install <package_name>
  • opkg (prints help when run with no arguments)
Note that for the package lists in build/tmp/deploy/eglibc/ipk to be updated after a package is built by itself (bitbake <package-name>) , you must build an image that contains the package or run bitbake package-index. This causes the package_update_index_ipk task to be run, which updates the package index fetched by opkg.