Example – Register

  • POST /api/v2/devices/register {serial: 12345678, uuid:”776334cb-8e42-4839-835c-899d075d63ae”}
    • You can register a device if you know the serial # and UUID for it. This will associate the device with your account so that when it checks in to DeviceHQ.com, you and other account users will be able to manage it. It is not necessary to register the device once it appears in your device list on DeviceHQ.com.
      • Parameters:
        • Serial – the serial # of the device
        • UUID- the UUID (32 characters) of the device. The UUID must contain exactly 32 hexadecimal characters. Any whitespace or non-alphanumeric characters will be stripped. It is not case sensitive.
          "id": "77778332",
          "type": "devices",
          "attributes": {
            "config": {
              "md5sum": "ADFA1341234131341234AFDDDD",
              "name": "config22",
              "model": "MTCDT-210A",
              "description": "Config #22"
          "links": {
            "self": "https://devicehq.com/api/v2/files/5894cd7f95b54a75e732f952"