Install Pip

Establish an internet connection for the Conduit® and then issue these commands:

$ opkg update
$ opkg install python-pip
$ wget --no-check-certificate
$ python

Note: These steps only work for pure python packages and AEP 1.5x/mLinux 4.0x or higher due to a bug in older versions of python and regarding redirects. For earlier versions of firmware from AEP 1.4x/mLinux 3.x, call with a –download-base argument as a workaround. The Conduit doesn’t have a compiler. If you need python modules requiring compiled C/C++ code (binary files), use OPKG on mLinux to install the python libraries instead of PIP (i.e. to build them on another computer). Any feeds used should reflect the appropriate version /feeds/<mlinux-version>/. If you have specific questions or issues with third-party software, libraries, or other code not generated by Multitech, please contact the provider directly.