Commissioning for mLinux Devices

Due to the California IoT Laws implemented on January 1, 2020, all new mLinux (version 5.2 and above) devices now use commissioning mode as a reasonable security measure. With this mode, users must choose a desired login and password before using the device.

NOTE: Commissioning is required for all new mLinux devices going forward from mLinux 5.2 or above.

Upon power up for the first time or after activating factory default settings, the device initiates commissioning mode.

Before using the device, you must register your first admin user via commissioning mode. Provide your own unique username and password as admin credentials for this device. This process also updates the U-Boot credentials with the same user-provided password.

We recommend users have Commissioning active on new devices. Customers who elect to install custom images on their devices without commissioning should understand the security risks involved and accept responsibility for those risks which could include non-compliance with any existing standards or regulations.


Standard Process: Commissioning via Web UI


Using your preferred web browser, enter the IP address for the device commissioning page:

The commissioning page loads and displays your device information including Device ID and Product ID. The page also prompts you to register new admin user credentials.

To commission your mLinux device using the standard process:

  1. The system requires you to set up an admin user. Enter your desired username and password. Click Submit. (To clear the process and restart at any time, click Reset).
  2. Enter the password again to confirm in the Re-Enter field. Click Submit.

NOTE: We recommend for security purposes that your password be of sufficient length and strength (with a mix of character classes such as letters, numbers, and symbols).

Alternative method 1: Using curl for Commissioning

You can use the curl command for commissioning (refer to API documentation for details).

Alternative method 2: Using quick commission shell script

To simplify the process of commissioning via curl, use the quick-commission script from the Linux command line. This script implements the curl commissioning process automatically instead of the user making the curl calls by hand.

Download the file: to a computer connected to your device locally. This file includes the shell script,, and the README.txt.

Extract the files. Save the shell script to: /usr/bin

To start the quick commission process:

  1. Launch the connection fails, quick-commission closes after outputting:ERROR: Commissioning host failed to respond
  2. Once the script is launched and a successful connection is made, the script requests a username. Enter your desired username.
  3. Enter your desired password.
  4. Enter your password again to confirm.
  5. If the commissioning process is successful, the system displays the following message:Commissioning successful. User Account: <account name> created