Reset for mLinux (Factory Defaults or Reboot)

Factory Default Settings using Reset Button

If you press and hold the reset button on the front of unit for >= 5 seconds (all passwords are deleted and Commissioning starts at next boot):

  • For mLinux 5.2 to 5.3.5 only, the system restartserases user passwords, and sets the network interface configurations and PPP configurations to factory default settings.
  • For mLinux 6.0 and above only, the system restarts, removes all settings modified by the user including deletion of all user-installed files, passwords, and packages, reverts to the initial factory settings, and erases SSH certificates, then generates new ones.


These following Linux commands do not delete any passwords or activate commissioning:

$ rm -rf /var/config/*
$ touch /var/config/force_defaults
$ reboot

Device Reboot using Reset Button

To reboot your device while keeping your user configurations and passwords:

  • Press and hold the reset button on front of unit for < 5 seconds (all passwords are preserved and Commissioning does not start)

For Devices that do NOT have a Reset Button:

Some devices do not have a reset button. The factory reset feature can be emulated from the command line as follows:

sudo pkill -1 -x reset-handler

NOTE: The above command erases user passwords in mLinux 5.2 and above only.