Description: allow use of cellular modem directly from serial port : OBJECT

Element Type Description
eia  BOOL Enable or disable EIA standard signal characteristics (default:false)
enabled BOOL Enable or disable this feature (default:true)
inactivity UINT Set inactivity timeout in seconds set to 0 to disable (default:0)
login BOOL Enable or disable login requirement (default:true)
port UINT Configure port to use when connecting to the device (default:5000)
raw BOOL Enable or disable raw mode (default:false)
tcpKeepaliveInterval UINT Determines the interval between subsequent keepalive probes, regardless of what the connection has exchanged elsewhere (default:75)
tcpKeepaliveProbes UINT Determines the number of unacknowledged probes to send before considering the connection dead and notifying the application layer (default:9)
tcpKeepaliveTime UINT Defines the interval between the last data packet sent (simple ACKs are not considered data) and the first keepalive probe; after the connection is marked with keepalive, this counter is no longer used (default:7200)