p_manifest.json Details

p_manifest.json contains a list of IPK dependencies to be installed by the Install Script.

  • Optionally present in the provisioning/ directory
  • Must be JSON format with a pkgs array
  • This file is exclusively used by the Install Script to install the listed dependencies.
  • After app installation, this file is located at /media/card/<app_name>/provisioning/p_manifest.json.


Format Details

Key Value Type Description
pkgs Array
    FileName String Package file name
    type String “ipk” is only supported at this time
    pkg_name String Actual package name (field in ipk control file)

Example p_manifest.json

  pkgs: [
    { “FileName”: “file1.ipk”, “type”: “ipk”, “PkgName”: “name1” },
    { “FileName”: “file2.ipk”, “type”: “ipk”, “PkgName": “name2” }

Warning for Updating Base Packages

The default Install script will both install and remove any opkg dependencies in p_manifest.json using opkg with the –force-depends argument.  If you are updating a system library removing a package in this manner may have unintended consequences.  If you are upgrading these packages, the opkg commands defined by OPKG_CMD_PREFIX and OPKG_CMD_PREFIX_R in “Install” should be modified to remove –force-depends