Description: GPS service settings : OBJECT

Element Type Description
client OBJECT Contains the settings for the GPS client
   enabled BOOL Enables or disables the GPS client (default:false)
   password STRING Specifies the password to use when connecting to the remote server
   port UINT Specifies the port to connect to on the remote server (default:5445)
   protocol STRING Specifies which protocol to use when making a connection, UDP or TCP (default:TCP)
   remoteHost STRING Specifies the IP address of the remote server (default:’′)
coordinates OBJECT Contains GPS values related to coordinates and GPS fix
  altitude DOUBLE Specifies altitude
  fixStatus UINT Fix quality (0=No fix, 1=Have fix without DGPS, 2 = have fix with DGPS)
  latitude DOUBLE Specifies latitude
  longitude DOUBLE Specifies longitude
  numSatellites UINT Number of satellites used in solution
  timestamp DOUBLE Time of update
nmea OBJECT Specifies what NMEA sentences to send and how often to send them
  enabled BOOL Causes the u-blox chip to enter NMEA only mode
   gga BOOL Identifies whether you have global positioning system fix data (default:true)
   gll BOOL Identifies whether you have geographic position, latitude/longitude (default:true)
   gsa BOOL Identifies whether you have GPS, DOP, and active satellites (default:true)
   gsv BOOL Identifies whether GPS Satellites are in view (default:true)
   id STRING Specifies an optional ID to attach to messages
   idPrefix STRING Specifies an optional prefix to attach to messages
   interval UINT Specifies how often to send GPS information, in seconds (default:10)
   rmc BOOL Identifies whether the devices is receiving the recommended minimum specific GPS/Transit data (default:true)
   vtg BOOL Identifies the state of track made good and ground speed (default:true)
server OBJECT Specifies the settings for the GPS server
   dumpSerialPort BOOL Identifies whether to output GPS information to the serial port (default:false)
   enabled BOOL Enables or disables the GPS server (default:false)
   password STRING Specifies the password needed for the client to connect to the server
   port UINT Specifies the port for the server to listen on (default:5445)