Account API


Release 3.0 of DeviceHQ® will support a json-format, token-authorized Account API designed for automated access to account and device information to any user with a valid DeviceHQ account.


To use the API it is necessary to have an enabled, valid DeviceHQ account. It is not necessary to own any MultiTech devices or have had any devices checked-in to the DeviceHQ server.

In order to enable API access for their account information, users must generate an Account API Key, and enable API access.

To enable API access

  1. Log in to DeviceHQ with Manager-level access.
  2. Click on the user email in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on Account Info.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Check the boxes for Account API Enabled.
  6. Click Update Account and return to the edit screen.
  7. Click Generate New Account API Key (as needed).
  8. New keys will be generated.
    • It is recommended that you save the generated keys in a safe place, as they will not be displayed again. New keys may be generated at any time.

Note:  At any given time, only 1 client per account can have an open session.


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