Making Requests

The RESTful interface allows users to retrieve data, add data, update data, and delete data using call methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, respectively. These methods can be set in the HTTP header, or they can be set in the URI using the key: method. Using the URI parameter method is a useful way to execute RESTful requests through a web browser.

All API requests return a JSON object. The JSON response will always contain the members code and status. The status member indicates a high-level result of the request and has two possible values: success and fail. The code member is an HTTP response code describing the outcome of the API result.

If an API call was successful, it may contain the member: result. This member contains data that was either requested or data that was generated as part of the API request. If an API call was unsuccessful, the JSON response will contain the member error. This member is a short description of the failure.