Description: settings for serial port : OBJECT

Element Type Description
baudRate UINT Specifies the serial baud rate (default:115200)
dataBits UINT Specifies the expected number of data bits (default:8)
flowControl STRING Specifies the expected flow control convention, RTS-CTS or NONE (default:NONE)
modbus BOOL Enables or disables modbus (default:false)
parity STRING Specifies the parity convention, ODD, EVEN or NONE (default:NONE)
stopBits UINT Specifies the expected number of stop bits (default:1)
type STRING [OPTIONAL] If the device supports a flexible serial port, specifies the type of serial port: RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 (default:RS-232)
rs4xxTermination BOOL Enables or disables built-in RS-485 termination (default:false)