Collection Endpoints

Collections are groups of related elements used to configure a service or capability. You can perform four main actions on a collection: get, edit, add, and delete. These actions align with RESTful calls: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE.

Collection Type Description
alert OBJECT Contains a list of alerts
appStore OBJECT Defines settings for Application Store (not available on MTR)
apps ARRAY Contains information on installed Node-RED applications (not available on MTR)
autoDialout OBJECT Allows the use of the cellular modem directly from the serial port
autoReboot OBJECT Causes the device to reboot automatically
battery OBJECT Contains the backup battery configuration parameters (MTCAP devices only)
backOffTimers OBJECT Stores carrier-defined backoff timers for PPP connections, SMS retries, and modem resets
bluetooth OBJECT Allows a device to connect via Bluetooth
bluetoothLowEnergy OBJECT Allows connecting devices via BLE (depends on model)
bootloader OBJECT Bootloader configuration parameters
brand OBJECT Customizes icons, images, and support information for a rebranded device
btDevices ARRAY List of available Bluetooth devices
cacertificates OBJECT Management of CA (Certifying Authority) certificates
callHome OBJECT Enables the device to call home for configuration files, firmware updates and adds your DeviceHQ account key to the device so it is associated with your
DeviceHQ account
cellTimeSync OBJECT Defines the clock synchronization settings using a cellular radio
certificate OBJECT Contains secure public key certificate configurations
command OBJECT The API supports a set of special actions using the Command URL ( api/command ). Execute a command using a POST request call method. A RESTful Get request returns an array of all available commands.
customApps OBJECT Manages installed custom applications (not available on MTR)
customAppsConfig BOOL Specifies support for and enables or disables custom applications for MTR devices only
ddns OBJECT Updates the dynamic domain name server when the IP address changes
dhcp OBJECT Stores the DHCP settings
docker OBJECT Docker service configuration (for Conduit 300 only)
dns OBJECT Forwards network traffic using DNS
filters ARRAY An array of firewall filters
firewall OBJECT Stores some firewall settings
gps OBJECT Stores the GPS service settings
greTunnels ARRAY Stores a list of GRE tunnels
ipPipes ARRAY Stores a list of configured IP pipes
ipsecTunnels ARRAY Stores a list of IPsec tunnels
lan OBJECT Defines the LAN interface settings
lldp OBJECT Defines the Link Layer Discovery Protocol configuration settings
log ARRAY Stores log information
lora LoRa API options are only available when LoRa Network Server is running (not available on MTR)
loraNetwork OBJECT LoRa network interface settingsĀ (not available on MTR)
nat ARRAY Stores a list of NAT rules for advanced firewall settings
ni OBJECT Settings for network interfaces
mqttBroker OBJECT Settings for MQTT broker
nodeRed OBJECT Node-RED configuration (not available on MTR)
ovpnTunnels ARRAY List of OpenVPN tunnels
packages OBJECT Perform package management operations
passwordComplexityRules OBJECT Stores settings for Password Complexity Rules
policy OBJECT Usage policy details
ppp OBJECT Defines the PPP settings
radius OBJECT Configures Radius settings
remoteAccess OBJECT Defines settings for remote access of the device
remoteManagement OBJECT Defines the remote management settings
resetButton OBJECT Defines reset button behavior configuration
routes ARRAY Stores a list of static routes
routes ARRAY Stores a list of static routes
saveAndRestore OBJECT Save and Restore configuration options
scada (BACnet) OBJECT Supervisory control and data acquisition settings
secureProtocols ARRAY Cipher suites and advanced security options
selfDiagnostic OBJECT Self-diagnostic settings
serial OBJECT Defines the serial port settings
serialModemPassthrough OBJECT Define serial modem mode settings
sms OBJECT Defines the SMS settings
smtp OBJECT Defines the SMTP settings
snmp OBJECT Defines the SNMP settings
sntp OBJECT Defines the clock synchronization settings between computer systems
stats OBJECT Statistics for key device features (as shown in UI)
syslog OBJECT Defines the syslog support settings
system OBJECT Defines the system attributes
trustedIp OBJECT Filter incoming packets depending on the white or black IP addresses list
users ARRAY Stores a list of users for authentication purposes
waninfo OBJECT Stores information on WAN interfaces
wanmngr OBJECT Defines the WAN management settings
wifi OBJECT Defines the Wi-Fi services settings