scada – BACnet

Description: Supervisory control and data acquisition settings

scada Type Description
bacnetOut OBJECT Contains BACnet transmitter settings
apduRetries UINT Specifies the number of times a request message will be resent due to timeout on a request (default: 3)
apduTimeout UINT Specifies the request message timeout, the time spent waiting for a reply to a message (default: 3000)
datalink OBJECT BACnet underlying messaging transport settings
ip OBJECT Contains BACnet/IP data link settings
enabled BOOL Enables or disables BACnet/IP functionality (default:false)
interface STRING Specifies the network interface that the BACnet device is bound to (default : eth0)
port UINT Specifies UDP port number for both directed messages and broadcasts (default : 47808)
description STRING Specifies optional BACnet device description
location STRING Specifies the physical location of the BACnet device
modelName STRING Specifies the name assigned by the vendor to represent the model of the BACnet device
objectIdentifier UINT Specifies a numeric code that is used to identify the BACnet device. The object identifier shall be unique internetwork-wide
objectName STRING Specifies a name for the BACnet device that is unique internetwork-wide
vendorIdentifier UINT Specifies a unique vendor identification code, assigned by ASHRAE
vendorName STRING Specifies the manufacturer of the BACnet device
sensors OBJECT Sensors settings

defaultTtl UINT Default Time To Live in seconds for sensors readings (default: 86400)