Description: settings for WAN management : OBJECT

Element Type Description
mode STRING Specifies the WAN’s manager mode (default:’FAILOVER’)
wans ARRAY Specifies a WAN’s settings
   interface STRING Specifies the WAN’s network interface
   monitor OBJECT Specifies the WAN’s failover settings
      active OBJECT Specifies the active detection mode settings
         hostname STRING Specifies the host to connect to (default:’www.google.com’)
         icmpCount UINT Specifies the number of pings to send (1-200, default:10)
         tcpPort UINT Specifies which port to connect to on the host (default:80)
         type STRING Specifies the method to use for availability detection, ICMP or TCP (default:’ICMP’)
      checkInterval UINT Specifies the failover check interval in seconds (default:300)
      mode STRING Specifies the failover availability detection mode (default:’ACTIVE’)
   priority UINT Specifies the priority for the WAN
   weight UINT Specifies the weight, the value is used for load balancing mode only