Description: statistics and information about the cellular radio : OBJECT

Element Type Description
carrier STRING Designates the cellular service provider (home network)
   abnd STRING Reports the current active band
channel STRING Specifies the ARFCN or UARFCN Assigned Radio Channel
cid STRING Specifies the cellular ID in hexadecimal
code STRING Specifies the MTS short model code: (H5, H6, or G3)
datetime STRING Specifies the tower’s date, time, and time zone: format MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS GMT
debug OBJECT Contains detailed information about the radio’s current status (information may vary between radio types)
   bler STRING Reports the block error rate (percentage)
   drx STRING Reports the discontinuous reception cycle length in milliseconds
   ecio STRING Reports the active Ec/Io (chip energy per total wideband power in dBm)
   mm STRING Reports the mobility management state
   nom STRING Reports the current network operator mode
   psc STRING Reports the primary synchronization code
   rr STRING Reports the radio resource state
   rscp STRING Reports the active RSCP (Received Signal Code Power in dBm)
   sd STRING Reports the service domain
   txpwr STRING Reports the transmit power
firmware STRING Reports the radio firmware version
   expired BOOL Indicates it’s times to check for radio firmware update
hardware STRING Reports the radio hardware revision
iccid STRING Reports the integrated circuit card identifier (Not available for CMDA)
imei STRING Reports the radio IMEI number
imsi STRING Reports the international mobile subscriber identity (Not available on CDMA)
lac STRING Reports the location area code in hexadecimal
manufacturer STRING Reports the radio manufacturer
mcc STRING Reports the mobile country code
mdn STRING Reports the mobile directory number
meid STRING Reports the mobile equipment identifier (CDMA Only)
mipProfile OBJECT Specifies the mobile IP configuration (CDMA Only)
   enabled BOOL Enables or disables a profile
   homeAddress STRING Specifies the home address
   id UINT Specifies the MIP profile ID
   mnAaaSpi STRING Specifies the mobile node authentication, authorization, and accounting server security parameter index
   mnAaaSs BOOL Indicates whether the mobile node authentication, authorization, and accounting server shared secret is set
   mnHaSpi STRING Specifies the mobile node home agent security server parameter index
   mnHaSs Indicates whether the mobile node home agent security server shared secret is set
   nai STRING Specifies the network access identifier
   primaryHa STRING Specifies the primary home agent
   revTun BOOL Indicates whether reverse tunneling is enabled
   secondaryHa STRING Specifies the secondary home agent
mnc STRING Specifies the mobile network (operator) code
model STRING Specifies the radio model [HE910-D, HE910-EUD, GE910, DE910, CE910, …]
msid STRING Specifies the mobil station ID (also known as MIN or MSIN)
network STRING Reports the current cellular service provider (Not available for CDMA)
provisioned BOOL Reports whether or not the radio has been activated with a data account (CDMA only)
rac STRING Reports the routing area code in hexadecimal
roaming BOOL Indicates whether or not the radio is using the home network
rssi UINT Specifies the received signal strength indication
rssidBm STRING Specifies the received signal strength indication in dBm
service STRING Specifies the service connection type [GPRS, EGPRS, WCDMA, HSDPA]
timestamp UINT system timestamp
type STRING Specifies the radio technology category [GSM, CDMA, LTE]