Conduit mLinux: Advanced LoRa Configuration

This topic applies only to mLinux installations.

Additional LoRa configuration fields in /var/config/lora/lora-network-server.conf:

Item Description
db Non-volatile location of the LoRa network server database file.
backupInterval Interval in seconds to backup database to non-volatile memory.
lora LoRa network configuration:
Item Description
frequencyBand 868 or 915.
channelPlan Set of frequencies and datarates to use for uplink and downlink channels. EU868, US915, AU915, AS923, IN865, RU864 or KR920.
frequencySubBand Sub-band for US operation, 1-8.
rx1DatarateOffset Datarate offset for mote RX window 1 sent in join response (0-3).
rx2Datarate Datarate for mote RX window 2 sent in join response (7-12).
maxTxPower Max TX power (dBm), -6 to 26.
antennaGain Gain of external antenna in dBi, default: 3
deviceQueueSize Max number of downstream messages in queue per each device.
frequencyEU Center frequency for extra EU channels (Hz). (865.5-867.5 or 869.4 MHz)
frequencyAS Center frequency for extra AS channels (Hz). (920.5-922.6 or 924.1-927.5 MHz)
frequencyKR Center frequency for extra KR channels (Hz). (921.3-921.5 or 922.9 MHz)
netID Net ID for beacon packets and assigned network addresses.
beaconInterval 0:disabled, N:seconds between beacon packets, must be factor of seconds in a day.
beaconPower dBm to transmit beacon packets.
beaconFreqHop Enable/disable frequency hopping for beacons in AU or US.
beaconFrequency Frequency for beacon packets, set to 0 for default according to Channel Plan.
beaconInfoDesc gw desc indicator.
beaconLatitude Latitude value to add to beacon packets gw desc field.
beaconLongitude Longitude value to add to beacon packets gw desc field.
ADRStep Step in cB between SNR based datarate assignment for ADR
dutyCyclePeriod Length of duty-cycle sliding window in minutes. (default: 60)
minDatarate Min datarate for ADR, default: US915/AU915 DR0 – SF10BW125, EU868 DR0 – SF12BW125
maxDatarate Max datarate for ADR, default: US915/AU915 DR4 – SF8BW500, EU868 DR6 – SF7BW250
joinDelay Rx1 delay in seconds between end of tx and opening of first rx window for join accept message
rx1Delay Rx1 delay in seconds between end of tx and opening of first rx window
syncWord Sync word override to configure Sx1301 concentrator in decimal notation, (public: 52 (0x34), private: 18 (0x12))
maxEIRP AS923 max device TX power, default: 20
dwelltimeUp max dwelltime for uplink packets, default: 0 – no limit, 1 – 400 ms
dwelltimeDown max dwelltime for downlink packets default: 0 – no limit, 1 – 400 ms
enableStrictCounterValidation ensure packet counter values are not being reused, packets are dropped if not within MAC_FCNT_GAP, default:true
schedulePaddingMs time on air padding for scheduling downlink packets in ms
lbtEnabled Enabled listen before talk, if additional channels are set only 7 channels will be used to allow Rx2 downlink, default:false
lbtThreshold RSSI threshold reading must be below for transmit, default:-65
lbtScanTime Listen before talk scan time, default: 5000, (128 or 5000 us)
lbtSxOffset Offset applied to Sx127x RSSI reading used in LBT and Spectral Scan, default: -24
sxOffset Offset applied to Sx125x RSSI reading, default: -162
udp UDP clients/servers configuration:
Item Description
allowPublic Allow binding to the public interfaces.
upstreamPort Port for udp clients to listen to upstream packets, such as packet-forwarder.
downstreamPort Port for udp clients to listen to downstream packets, such as packet-forwarder.
appPortUp Port to receive upstream packets from application.
appPortDown Port to send downstream packets to application. Port expected on
addressRange Range of addresses to assign from:
Item Description
start Range start.
end Range end.
network Network settings:
Item Description
public Enable public compatibility mode: changes the join response time from 1 to 5 seconds and the sync word from 0×12 to 0×34
leasetime Expiration of network addresses after inactivity in minutes.
name Network name, used to generate EUI.
passphrase Network passphrase, used to generate key.
defaultProfile Default profile used for device joined using Name/Passphrase or NetworkID/NetworkKey.
eui Network ID, EUI. (64-bit HEX)
key Network key to use for encryption. (128-bit HEX)
baseKey Key used for zero touch provisioning (128-bit HEX)
salt Salt used for zero touch provisioning, random characters of any length
whitelist List of end device credentials permitted to join the device (gateway):
Item Description
enabled Enable OTA join of devices in whitelist.
devices Array of end-devices and keys with the following format:
{ “deveui”: “0011223344556677”,
“appeui”: “7766554433221100”,
“class”: “A”,
“appkey”: “00112233445566770011223344556677” }
deveui Hex EUI of end-device. i.e. 0011223344556677
appeui Hex EUI of end-device. i.e. 0011223344556677
appkey Hex Key of end-device. i.e. 00112233445566770011223344556677
class A, B or C
trafficManager Filters for join requests to be forwarded to remote join server
Item Description
enabled Enable/disable traffic manager
joinEuiFilter List of EUI values or Min/Max ranges of EUI values.
i.e. [ [ “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-01”, “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-04” ], “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-05” ]
devEuiFilter List of EUI values or Min/Max ranges of EUI values.
i.e. [ [ “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-01”, “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-04” ], “00-00-00-00-00-00-00-05” ]
mqtt Messaging protocol used for intra-process communication:
Item Description
enabled Connect network server via mqtt.
host Broker host.
port Broker port.
log Log settings:
Item Description
console Output to stdout.
syslog Output to syslog.
level Level of messages, 0-100 (10:error, 20:warning, 30:info, 50:debug, 60:trace).
path Path to log file.
test Test settings:
Item Description
disableRxJoin1 Disable sending join accept on Rx1 Window.
disableRxJoin2 Disable sending join accept on Rx2 Window.
disableRxWindow1 Disable sending downlink packets on Rx1 Window.
disableRxWindow2 Disable sending downlink packets on Rx2 Window.
disableDutyCycle Disable duty-cycle restrictions for testing