Survey GPS

Survey GPS Mode outputs GPS (if available) and temperature data gathered by the device. The device sends the data to the gateway based on a selected interval and displays it on screen in real time.

Survey GPS Mode allows the user to change the following:

    • data rate
    • power
    • packet padding
    • send interval (5-60 seconds) in real time

The device gathers and updates the following data on screen in real time:

    • Temperature
    • GPS latitude
    • GPS longitude

The data is also sent to the gateway periodically, depending on the interval selected.

The data packet format is:

    • Byte 0 is 0
    • Byte 1 is temperature in Celsius
    • Byte 2 is 0
    • Byte 3-6 is GPS Latitude
    • Byte 7-10 is GPS Longitude
    • Bytes 10+ is padding with 0

 Packet Coding

The GPS data in the packet is encoded. Below is an example of how to encode and decode this GPS data.

Using GPS Survey Mode

  1. If your frequency band is 915, select a frequency sub-band before joining the network. If the frequency band is 868 (skip step #2), the device does not ask you to select a frequency sub-band. It joins automatically and proceeds into Survey GPS Mode. If the join fails, the device returns to the main menu.
  2. Once you chose the sub-band,  join the network.
      • If successful, Survey GPS starts.
      • If the join fails, the device goes back one screen to edit the frequency sub-band.
      • If you hold SW1 any time, the device returns to the main menu.
  3. When Survey GPS Mode begins, the user can press SW2 to cycle through the parameters:
      • power
      • data rate
      • interval
      • packet padding
      • frequency sub-band (if the frequency band is 915)
  4. The user than can use SW1 to change the value associated with the parameter.
      • Example: The parameter is power. SW1 changes the power value from 2 to 20 in increments of 3. When editing the frequency sub-band the device disconnects and reconnects to the network. Once the network has been joined, the following information will be displayed on the screen:
        •  the frequency sub band (915 only)
        •  the TX data rate, and power
        •  the downstream RSSI and SNR, if available
        •  the GPS longitude, if available
        •  the GPS latitude, if available
        •  the GPS time and date, if available
        •  the temperature in Celsius