Troubleshooting LoRa Communication


LoRaWAN Troubleshooting Guide (5678 downloads )


“Join Error – Failed to join network”

  • Try reissuing the join request. Sometimes a join fails because of interference, proximity of mDot to Conduit, or some other network collision. You may need multiple attempts for a join to succeed.
  • Ensure all settings (network name, passphrase, sub band) on the Conduit and mDot match each other.
  • Ensure you have compatible firmware versions on the Conduit & mDot. Refer to the LoRa getting started guide for your Conduit type.
  • Reset the mDot to factory defaults and go through the setup procedure again:
    • AT&F (reset to factory defaults)
    • AT&W (save defaults)
    • ATZ (reset mDot)


My received data on the mDot looks like this: 68656c6c6f206d646f74.

  • Issue AT+RXO=1 to get RAW output. The default setting of 0 displays HEX.


View LoRa network server log

# tail -f /var/log/lora-network-server.log