Using UXFP to Upgrade Telit Firmware

These instructions help you to update the cellular radio firmware for all mLinux Conduit platforms with L4E1 radios (MTCDT-L4E1, MTCDTIP-L4E1, and MTCAP-L4E1), LAT3 radios ( MTCDT-LAT3 ), L4N1 radios (MTCDT-L4N1, MTCDTIP- L4N1) and LNA3 radios ( MTCAP – LNA3).


  • Enabled SSH via ethernet LAN in order to copy the firmware to the unit.
  • The device’s /tmp should have > 110MB space available.
  • mLinux firmware should be 5.3.0b and above.
  1.  Copy the shell script,


  2. Copy the <firmware_file>.bin , /tmp using a program like winscp or Filezilla.5.1.8.
  3. You can also copy the example file to help setup and complete the upgrade.

4. Verify that you are on a lower version of radio module firmware

sudo -s
radio-cmd at+gmr

5. Check file permissions, if not executable do:

chmod 755 /tmp/

 6. Upgrade firmware

sudo ./ /tmp/<firmware_file>.bin

7. After upgrade, login via ssh and verify that the upgrade was successful.

sudo -s
radio-cmd at+gmr

8. Cleanup: Remove

sudo -s
rm -rf /tmp/

9. Reboot for further cleanup.

sudo reboot