MTAC-LoRa Cards

The MTAC-LoRa accessory cards enable long range connectivity to distributed assets and sensors using an RF spread spectrum technology by Semtech®. MTAC-LoRa cards also have extended life due to a low power draw.

The MTAC-LoRa-H and MTAC-LoRa-F accessory cards feature:

  • ISM band scanning and asset management range with LoRa of up to 10 miles/15/km line of sight or 1-3 miles/2 km through buildings.
  • Listen Before Talk (LBT) capability.
  • Bi-directional communications from thousands of mDot or xDot® is long range RF modules to a single conduit.


Important: If migrating from MTAC-LoRa-1.0 hardware to MTAC-LORA-1.5 hardware (e.g. MTAC-LORA-H or MTCDTIP-x-26x or MTCAP): Update firmware to minimum mLinux 3.3.9 or AEP 1.4.3 (1.4.4 for MTCDTIP and MTCAP). The older firmware does not support the 1.5 hardware. This is true even if not migrating the Conduit® hardware itself (i.e. keeping MTCDT-x-210L but updating the MTAC-LORA card to the MTAC-LORA-H model). For additional information on firmware updates, see Downloads.

Updating MTAC FPGA firmware

MTAC-LORA-H-* or MTAC-LORA-HL-* hardware is needed to support LBT
Also v35 FPGA firware will need to be loaded on the card.

Check the currently loaded version when card is not being used
# mts-fpga-loader -c

To install the v35 FPGA image on Accessory Port 1
# mts-fpga-loader -i /usr/lib/mts-flash-binaries/mtcdt-fpga-v35.hex -p1

To install the v31 FPGA image on Accessory Port 1
# mts-fpga-loader -i /usr/lib/mts-flash-binaries/mtcdt-fpga-v31.hex -p1