MQTT bridge


Description: MQTT bridge settings : ARRAY

Element Type Description
__v UINT Version of model [1]
   authMethod STRING Authentication method for MQTT bridge [no Auth]
   certificate STRING Imported local RSA certificate contents (PEM)
   cleanSession BOOL Enable or disable feature where all subscriptions and messages are cleaned up if the connection drops [false]
   clientID STRING Unique identifier name of the MQTT broker
   enabled BOOL Enable or disable the MQTT broker to act as a bridge [false/disabled]
   identity STRING Identity for a Pre-Shared Key as part of the psk authentication method (optional)
   notifications BOOL Enables or disables notifications to local and remote brokers regarding the state of the bridge connection [true/enabled]
   password STRING Password for userPass authentication method (optional)
   privateKey STRING RSA Private key (PEM) for Imported Certificate authentication method
   protocolVersion STRING Version of the MQTT protocol [mqttv31]
   psk STRING User defined Pre-Shared Key for the psk authentication method (optional)
   secondaryAddress STRING Backup or secondary address of the server for MQTT broker (optional)
   secondaryPort STRING Backup or secondary port for MQTT broker (optional)
   serverAddress STRING Primary server address for the MQTT broker
   serverPort STRING Primary server port for the MQTT broker
   tlsEnabled BOOL Enable or disable SSL/TLS support during connection [false/disabled]
   topics ARRAY Topics that the MQTT broker uses to filter messages for the connected client
   tryPrivate BOOL Enabled or disable the bridge to indicate the remote broker that it is a bridge, not an ordinary client [true/enabled]
   username STRING Username for the userPass authentication method (optional)
   verifyHostname BOOL Enable or disable the bridge to verify the hostname provided in the remote certificate matches the host/address being connected to [false/disabled]