Production Deployment

You must uninstall a manually installed app before installing the same app through DeviceHQ®:

  • Via the Conduit® UI’s Apps page
  • Via the command line: app-manager --command remove --appid LOCAL


  1. Upload the application tarball to DeviceHQ from the DeviceHQ Developer page.
  2. Schedule this app to be installed to one or more Conduit’s from the device page.
  3. After installed, the custom app and its status should show in the device details when clicking on a single device from the Devices page. This status info will be updated on each check-in.
  4. Custom apps can then be uninstalled from DeviceHQ by scheduling an Uninstall App action.
  5. Config files for a custom app can be uploaded to DeviceHQ from the Developer page by clicking on a custom app and then clicking on the Configurations tab. After it’s uploaded, an app config can be installed on a Conduit in the config/ directory by scheduling an Install App Config action. After app-manager downloads the config file and places it in config/, it will restart the application. If a config file with the same name already exists, it will be replaced with the newly downloaded file.