Survey Single

Test connectivity with the gateway at different data rate and power combinations. Each survey whether it passed or failed saves survey results to a data file on the device but only successful surveys are transmitted to the gateway. See Survey Data File for data format.

  1. The device joins the network. The LED1  flashes and the device
    displays Joining message. Once complete, the LED1 turns green and
    the Join Success message appears. If Join fails, check: the network ID,
    the network key, frequency sub band to make sure they match the gateway.
    See Configuration Mode for details.
  2. If the data file exists, choose either press SW2 to Erase or
    SW1 to Append the current file.
  3. Press SW2 to select the first survey or SW1 to cycle through the
    data rate/power combinations to desired selection.
  4. Then press SW2 to start selected survey.
    • LED1 flashes and one of the following results

      • If a survey is successful, the device displays:
        • Survey index: survey ID.
        • TX data rate and power
        • Up margin: upstream signal margin (dBm) above
          the demodulation floor (level at which signal can no
          longer be distinguished from noise).
        • Down RSSI and SNR: downstream signal strength
          in dBm and signal-to-noise ratio.
        • GPS longitude(if available)
        • GPS latitude(if available)
        • GPS time and date(UTC format — if available)
      • If the survey was successful and data packet transmission is
        enabled, the device sends the following data:

        • TX power
        • Number of gateways which received the link check
        • Up margin: the upstream margin above the
          demodulation floor
        • Downstream RSSI and SNR

        Note: If the data rate allows for enough payload, GPS
        information will also be sent to the gateway.

      • If a survey is unsuccessful, the device displays:
        • Survey index
        • TX data rate and power
        • Error message
        • GPS longitude(if available)
        • GPS latitude(if available)
        • GPS time and date (UTC format — if available)