Account API Extensions for Task Management

The following allows DeviceHQ users to create and manage tasks for devices in their DeviceHQ account using an API. Apps, firmware, or other files the tasks need must be uploaded through the normal DeviceHQ web portal at If a file ID for a firmware, app, or other dependency is needed, the following also defines plain routes that fetch the items of interest.

Applies To

API task management extensions apply to any device in the account. Some task types are not supported by some device types. Current firmware level and other factors can affect whether creating a task succeeds or not for a given device. A descriptive error message will be returned if the task creation request fails.

Task Types

  • Install app on device
  • Uninstall app from device
  • Install app config on device
  • Install full device configuration onto device
  • Install full device firmware upgrade onto device
  • Install full radio firmware upgrade


The total number of new, not completed tasks that can be created at one time per account is limited to 25.