Specifying Credentials When Logging In

Example: Login using username ‘admin’ and password ‘Admin_1234’.

Status: HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    "code" : 200, 
    "result" : {
        "address" : "",
      "isipcuser" : false,
      "isremoteuser" : false,
        "permission" : "admin", 
        "port" : "59486",
        "timestamp" : "2:58:40:389:,  	
        "token" : "B7083A0B14C0F0BEFFBED89B99EFBC", 
        "user" : "admin"
    "status" : "success" 

A token may timeout due to inactivity. The timeout configuration is in the rCell’s Remote Access collection ( api/remoteAccess/timeoutSeconds ). There are two authorizers, one for website access and one for non-web browser usage, such as command line utilities like wget and curl. The same user can not be logged in through the same authorizer from more than one IP address. If a user is already logged in and attempts to login from another IP address, a conflict error will be returned. A user can logout from any IP address with the proper credentials.