UE Mode of Operation (CEMODE) issue for AT&T

NOTE: This applies to AT&T network users only. 

For AT&T network users with 4G/LTE Category 1, 3 and 4 devices in the U.S., the UE Mode of Operation (CEMODE) setting for cellular radios may need to be updated for the network’s planned 3G network sunset, scheduled for late February 2022.

If not corrected, the module may not register/connect with the AT&T network after sunset. As required for carrier approval, voice-capable cellular modules integrated into several MultiTech products are configured for voice-centric signaling by default. These devices are likely to arrive at a No Service condition after 3G sunset even for data-only applications.

This issue affects all AT&T-compatible voice-capable radios from Telit and Quectel that are using the voice-centric UE Mode of Operation configuration by default. The affected devices using mPower include:

• LAT1
• LAT3
• LNA3
• L4N1

• LNA7
• L4G1

Update to mPower 5.3.5 or later

If you are an AT&T user and seeking resolution to the UE Mode of Operation (CEMODE) issue, we strongly recommend upgrading to mPower version 5.3.5 or later as soon as possible, or at least prior to the AT&T 3G Sunset. mPower 5.3.5 is available via full image upgrade or delta file (offered on mPower 5.3.0 or later). The fix is built into the software and designed to automatically update the UE Mode of Operation. Refer to the attached flow chart for the mPower 5.3.5 Upgrade Process.

If you experience any issues or have questions regarding upgrading to mPower 5.3.5 or later to fix UE Mode of Operation on your device(s), please open a support portal case or contact technical support directly for further assistance.