Dragonfly Nano (MTQN)


The DragonflyTM Nano (MTQN-MNG1/MTQN-MNG3) embedded cellular modem is a small version of the Dragonfly (MTQ). Both devices offer developers the functionality of an on-board cellular radio with a compact design. The Dragonfly Nano is also low power.  These devices also maintain interoperability with legacy systems that use a 40-pin connector and forward mounting hole. All Dragonfly software is Open Source. The model B01 includes an ARM® Cortex®-M4 processor, complete with Mbed libraries for faster development.


See the Downloads page under Dragonfly Nano for the AT Passthrough Firmware.


For the latest device guides including UDK 2.0, AT Command and USB installation guides, see the Dragonfly Nano product page on multitech.com.