Setting up Bluetooth with an MT100 EOCG and an MTPCIE

To setup MT100EOCG to control Bluetooth on a MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi device, you need a remote Bluetooth
device that supports serial communication. Then:

  1. On the MTPCIE-DK1 developer board, position jumpers next to USB 3G port J4 to the 1,2 position.
  2. Position jumpers next to USB Serial port J24 connector to the 2,3 position.
  3. Position jumpers next to Bluetooth DB9 connector J14 to the 2,3 position.
  4. Use a terminal program to connect the remote Bluetooth adapter to the computer’s serial port.
  5. On the MT100EOCG, type rfcomm –S connect 0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx &, where xx is the MAC address of the remote Bluetooth device. It returns a connected response similar to:
  6. # rfcomm –S connect 0 00:A0:96:10:30:14 &
    [1] 498
    # Connected /dev/rfcomm0 to 00:A0:96:10:30:14 on channel 1
    Press CTRL-C for hangup
  7. Run a serial communication program, such as minicom, on the MT100EOCG which is configured to use
    /dev/rfcomm0 as the serial device. You can now communicate with the remote Bluetooth serial device.