Conduit AEP: Advanced LoRa Configuration

Use the LoRa Network Server Configuration settings for the LoRa networking configured on the Conduit. When LoRa is enabled, the Conduit acts as a network server allowing end-points to join with the correct credentials on the correct frequency and sub-band. Configured LoRa for either the 915 frequency band (NAM), or the 868 frequency band (EU). For NAM, the 915 band allows 8 sub-bands. For the EU, the 868 band has three default channels and five configurable channels.

Use the TX Power setting to control the gateway’s transmission power. The Rx 1 DR Offset and RX 2 Datarate are sent with a join response to configure the data rates used for receive windows. The offset is applied to the upstream data rate for reception on the first window.

For more information about setting up a LoRa network on a Conduit AEP, go to Getting Started with LoRa Conduit AEP (LoRa Configuration)


LoRa Configuration

The LoRa Configuration pane contains the configuration values for the LoRa network server that acts as a gateway for the LoRa endpoint devices.

Item Default Value Description
Enabled Checked (enabled) Enable the LoRa network server.
Public Unchecked (disabled) Enable public compatibility mode: changes the join response time from 1 to 5 seconds and the sync word from 0×12 to 0×34
Frequency Band 915 (US) Frequency band to use. Values are 915 (US) or 868 (EU).
Lease Time (dd-hh-mm) 60-00-00 (60 days) Amount of time until a successful join expires.
Frequency Sub-Band 1 For US only, 8 sub-bands are available.
Additional ChannelsFrequency (MHz) 869.5 MHz For EU only, center the frequency to configure five additional 125
kHz channels at 200 kHz spacing.
Network ID Name Name of the network that the network server supports or the EUI of
the network.
Tx Power (dBm) 26 Transmit power of the Conduit. Value range is from 1 to 26.
Name Model-SerialNumber Editable name of network used to generate EUI.
EUI Blank Editable EUI of network.
Rx 1 DR Offset 0 Offset applied to upstream data rate for downstream data rate on
first receive window.
Network Key Passphrase Passphrase used to join the network or network key.
Rx 2 Datarate 12 Data rate to use for second receive window.
Passphrase Blank Arbitrary textual passphrase used to generate network key.
Key Blank 128-bit AES key used to generate session keys.
Address Range Start 00:00:00:01 Start address to assign to OTA joining motes.
Address Range End FF:FF:FF:FE End address to assign to OTA joining motes.


Server Ports

The server ports communicate via UDP with other processes running on the

Item Default Value Description
Upstream Port 1780 Upstream communication port from radio.
Downstream Port 1782 Downstream communication port to radio.
App Port Up 1784 Application can open a socket on this port to receive upstream
messages from motes.
App Port Down 1786 Application can send to this port to send downstream messages to


Payload Broker

The payload broker is an MQTT broker that facilitates communication between an application and the network server.

Item Default Value Description
Enabled Checked (enabled) Enable the Payload Broker
Hostname Local host (no encryption)
Port 1883 Default MQTT port