Connecting to a Network

  1. Establish a serial connection to the mDot
    1. Connect your PC to the DB9 serial connector on the UDK (the usb connection can be used for debug output)
    2. Open a terminal session using an application such as TeraTerm with baud rate 115,200
  2. Issue these commands with the same values you set for the Conduit:
    • AT+PN=value (value = Network Setting from your Conduit)
    • AT+JD=value (value = Join Delay from your Conduit)
    • AT+FSB=value (915 NA only | value = frequencySubBand from your Conduit)
    • AT+NI=1,value (value = Network Name for your Conduit)
    • AT+NK=1,value (value = Network Passphrase for your Conduit)
    • AT&W (save settings)
    • ATZ (restart)
  3. Join the network: AT+JOIN
  4. Send data with ACK requested:
    • AT+ACK=1
    • AT+SEND=hello world

screenshot of mDot setup

Preserving session keys across sleep

  • AT+NJM=2 (0: Manual, 1: OTA, 2: AUTO_OTA)
  • AT&W (save settings)