Description: secure public key certificate configurations : OBJECT

Element Type Description
create ACTION Creates a new certificate
   commonName STRING Defines the device IP address used to connect to device
   country STRING Displays the two-letter code for the country for which the certificate is valid
   days UINT Displays the number of days the certificate is valid (default:365)
   emailAddress STRING Displays the email address of the contact responsible for the device
   locality STRING Displays the city or locality for which the certificate is valid
   organization STRING Displays the organization name for which the certificate is valid
   state STRING Displays the organization name for which the certificate is valid
details OBJECT Displays the current certificate information
   credentials STRING Displays the certificate subject description
   details STRING Displays the certificate details description
   periodFrom STRING Displays the certificate start date
   periodTo STRING Displays the certificate end date
upload ACTION Uploads the new certificate (POST certificate file)