Using Accessory Cards with mLinux

Accessory card attributes are populated in a subdirectory based on the accessory port number and linked to based on card type.

Use the provided mts-io-sysfs utility to interface with accessory cards.

  • Show product-id of accessory card in port 1 (AP1):
    $ mts-io-sysfs show ap1/product-id
  • Show product-id of accessory card in port 2 (AP2):
    $ mts-io-sysfs show ap2/product-id


Access card attributes by using the port name (ap1, ap2) or by the card type.

  • If using two different cards, the accessory port subdirectories show the card type, as shown in the following example:
    • mfser → ap1
    • gpiob → ap2
  • If using two cards of the same type, the accessory port subdirectories add a suffix of -2 for the second card, as in the following example:
    • gpiob → ap1
    • gpiob-2 → ap2

Standard Attributes

Attribute Description Example command
device-id Device ID
$ mts-io-sysfs show ap1/device-id
hw-version Hardware version
$ mts-io-sysfs show ap1/hw-version
product-id Product ID
$ mts-io-sysfs show ap1/product-id
vendor-id Vendor ID
$ mts-io-sysfs show ap2/vendor-id


Card Specific Information