Description: updates the dynamic domain name server when the IP address changes : OBJECT

Element Type Description
authentication OBJECT Contains the authentication information
   password STRING Displays the password for the DDNS account
   username STRING Displays the username for the DDNS account
checkIp OBJECT Configures the remote server to which you are connecting
   enabled BOOL Enables or disables the check IP feature (default:true)
   port UINT Identifies the port on the remote server (default:80)
   server STRING Identifies the domain name of the remote server (default:’checkip.dyndns.org’)
domain STRING Identifies the registered domain name
enabled BOOL Enables or disables the DDNS feature (default:false)
port UINT Identifies the server’s port number (default:80)
retriesMax UINT Defines the maximum number of connection attempts before failure (default:5)
server STRING Identifies the name of the server associated with the currently assigned IP address (default:’members.dyndns.org’)
system STRING Identifies the system registration type, DYNAMIC or CUSTOM (default:DYNAMIC)
updateInterval UINT Defines the number of days between forced updates (default:28)