iSMS Query API

HTTP Query API Format
Processing the “Send API” and sending the message takes some time. So, only an apimsgid is returned
as a response to the “Send SMS API”. Query API can be used to query the status of a Send. It returns
the status of a message submitted earlier.
HTTP API format is:[:portnumber]/querymsg?user=xxx&passwd=xxx&apimsgid
Response values:
ID: apimsgid Status: status code
ID: apimsgid Err: error code
Err: error code
ID: 1 Status: Done
ID: 1 Err: 604
Err: 602
Note: The maximum supported size of the URL is 2048 bytes.
Status Codes
Status Code Status Description Description
Done The MultiModem iSMS has completed servicing the
“Send” job, and a message is sent to all the recipients.
Done with error The MultiModem iSMS has completed servicing the
“Send” job, but the message is not sent to all the
2 In progress The MultiModem iSMS is processing the “Send” API.
Request Received The MultiModem iSMS has received the “Send”
Error Error occurred while sending the SMS from the
MultiModem iSMS.
5 Message ID Not Found An API Message ID does not exist.
6 Distributed to Slave1
The Master MultiModem iSMS has distributed the Job
to a given slave.
7 Distribution resulted in
Master tried to send the job to the slaves and could
not send the job to any of the slaves as the slaves are
not available (loaded full or network unreachable)
8 Distributed among
many Slaves
The Master MultiModem iSMS has distributed the Job
Request among many Slaves.
9 API is canceled Reflects that API job is dropped if the Send API job is
canceled from the WEB GUI
Appendix A – Application Programming Interface (API)
Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. MultiModem® iSMS User Guide for Administrators 85
Error Codes
Error Code Error Description Response to
601 Authentication Failed Send API, Query API
602 Parse Error Send API, Query API
603 Invalid Category Send API
604 SMS message size is greater than 160 chars Send API
605 Recipient Overflow Send API
606 Invalid Recipient Query API
607 No Recipient Send API
608 MultiModem iSMS is busy, can’t accept this request Send API, Query API
609 Timeout waiting for a TCP API request Send API
610 Unknown Action Trigger Send API
611 Error in broadcast trigger Send API
612 System Error – Memory Allocation Failure Send API, Query API
Invalid Modem Index
In SF 400, if modem index given is not within 0 to 4
In SF 800, if modem index given is not within 0 to 8
Send API
Invalid device model number
(model number is not detected properly to validate
the modem index)
Send API
615 Invalid Encoding type Send API
616 Invalid Time/Date Input Receive API
617 Invalid Count Input Receive API
618 Service Not Available (Non-Polling Receive API is
enabled so Polling Receive API service is not
Receive API
619 Invalid Addressee Receive API
620 Invalid Priority value Send API
621 Invalid SMS text
This error code is given if the following is not true:
If enc = 2, SMS text should be in hexadecimal form
(each hexadecimal value length is a maximum of 4
digits and semi-colon is used as a delimiter between
two hexadecimal values).
If enc = 3, SMS text should be in decimal form (each
decimal value length is maximum 5 digits and semicolon
is used as delimiter between two decimal
Note: Decimal values allowed up to 65535 only.
Send API