The API supports a set of special actions using the Command Radio URL ( api/command/radio ). Execute a command using a POST request call method. A RESTful Get request returns an array of all available commands. : OBJECT

Element Type Description
cmd ACTION Sends a string directly to the cellular radio, timeout must be in milliseconds
firmware_check ACTION Uploads radio firmware file to device and checks it (POST radio firmware upgrade bin file)
firmware_pre_upgrade ACTION Prepares system for radio firmware upgrade (i.e. shuts down Node-RED, Lora Network Server, frees space for the upgrade package)
firmware_upgrade ACTION Initiates radio firmware upgrade
set_mdn ACTION Sets the mobile directory number
supported_cellular_modes ACTION Gets a list of cellular modes that are supported on the modem
unlock_sim_card ACTION Unlocks SIM card
vzw_reset_class3_apn ACTION Reset the current APN value and obtain APN from the Verizon network