MultiConnect OCG-E with MTPCIE

This information is for developers using the MTPCIE Developer Kit with an MT100EOCG and an MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi radio.

Building CoreCDP

CoreCDP 2.3.3 is required for use with MTPCIE developer kit. Specify MACHINE=mt100eocg-pcie-dk when building.

MACHINE=mt100eocg-pcie-dk bitbake corecdp-base-image


All Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers and stacks are based on Linux open source.

  • For Wi-Fi, use the Linux calibrator tool. The WiFi drivers are compat-wireless drivers for TI WL12XX build
    under Linux kernel For more information see:
  • For BlueTooth, use the Linux hcitool.

Both tools are currently available inside our embedded Linux systems. These tools do not run on computers. To invoke the tools, secure shell into the device using putty or another tool from your Windows computer. Once you secure shell and login, you can invoke the tools and test. You will need Ethernet connectivity to the development board for the secure shell and login.


Configuring the MTPCIE-DK1 Developer Board
Calibrating Wi-Fi and Programming the MAC Address
Creating a PPP Connection
Setting Wi-Fi Access Point with an MT100EOCG and an MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
Using an MT100EOCG with an MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Device as Wi-Fi Client
Setting up Bluetooth with an MT100 EOCG and an MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Device
Setting up an External USB to MTPCIE Bluetooth Serial Interface

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