Configuring the MTPCIE-DK1 Developer Board

To use the MTPCIE-DK1 developer board with an MT100EOCG and an MTPCIE Bluetooth/Wi-Fi device:

  1. Position jumpers next to USB 3G connector J4 in the 2,3 position.
  2. Install the radio and MT100EOCG on the MTPCIE-DK1 developer board and power up the board.
  3. Connect the serial cable between the computer’s serial port and the MT100EOCG debug DB9 connector.
  4. Run terminal software on the computer with the serial port configured as: 115.2K Bits per second 8 Data bits None Parity 1 Stop bits None Flow control.
  5. Power up the MTPCIE-DK1. Linux boots up and the command prompt appears.
  6. Enter root as the default user name and password.