LoRa Demo

LoRa Demo Mode demonstrates typical device usage. Sensor data is gathered and updated on the screen in real time. Sensor data is sent to the gateway periodically.

See Internal Sensors for sensor information. For the sensor data sent in LoRa Demo mode, see Data Packet Format.

In Interval Mode, the device periodically sends sensor data to the gateway based on a selected update time. The user can chose from the following intervals: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. The data is formatted according to the data packet format. Each press of the SW2 button cycles the interval to the next option.

In Trigger Mode, the device sends sensor data to the gateway when the user presses the SW2 button. The data is formatted according to the data packet format.

Using LoRa Demo

  1. Select LoRa Demo from the Main Menu.
  2. Choose from Sw2 for Interval or  Sw1  for Trigger.
  3. For Interval, the default update time is 10 seconds. Press SW2  for Interval to change the update time. For Trigger, press SW2 to Send. Press SW1 to go Back to Interval/Trigger screen.
    •  The screen displays the sensor data as follows:
      • accelerometer x, y, and z axes
      • pressure
      • temperature
      • light

Time-On-Air Restriction Issue for Europe

The device may not always be able to send data to the gateway on each interval or button press, depending on the time-on-air restrictions in different regions. This issue is more relevant for Europe where the 868 MHz frequency band is used. If the device doesn’t have a free channel, the screen displays a countdown in seconds till the next free channel is displayed on the screen. If the device is in Trigger Mode, it ignores SW2 presses until  channel is available.