Debugging a C/C++ Application

To debug any C/C++ application on the device, first install gdbserver (after an Internet connection has been set up).

To install gdbserver:

  1. Using a terminal emulator, open a terminal to the device (SSH, debug console or similar).
  2. At the command line, enter opkg update
    • After files are downloaded and extracted successfully, the system displays this message: Updated list of available packages in /var/lib/opkg/mlinux-mtcdt
  3. Then enter opkg install gdbserver
    • After files are installed successfully, the system displays these messages:
    Configuring libthread-db1.
    Configuring gdbserver.

Once gdbserver is installed, you must copy your application to the Conduit® and then run it under gdbserver using  the gdbserver-attach command.  To use gdbserver to run your program on the device:

  1. Log on to the target system and run the gdbserver program. Enter this command:    target> gdbserver comm program [args …]
    a. comm: how to communicate with GDB
    b. program: the name of your program
    c. args: its arguments
  2. Attach your application to the gdbserver using arm-mlinux-linux-gnueabi-gdb on your development workstation (included with the mLinux toolchain). To do this, enter the command:  (gdb) target remote <target_ip>:<port>  
  3. Refer to this information for more details on how to use gdb and gdbserver: