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    MultiTech Team,

    Today, we work with a gateway type MTCAP-868-041A, until now, we had no problem with it and it works properly except some breaks without warning and resumes the configuration after a restart. But I would still like to ask you to inform us in order to choose the most coherent gateway to our case before buying them in large quantities:

    1) This gateway will be used in the field of agriculture (large areas in terms of their surfaces but will be installed inside) which means that a maximum range will be desired

    2) As part of our development in the node-red, we thank you for offering us a conduit with a possibility of installing a node-red more updated

    3) In terms of communication between the gateway and the sensors, we would like to have a conduit with less breakage and disconnection.

    I thank you for your answer in advance,

    cordial regards,

    Steve Kovarik

    For agricultural applications longest range is achieved by line-of-sight utilizing an outdoor IP67 rated gateway.
    If an indoor gateway must be used, different construction materials of the building can induce obstructive signal loss. Positioning of the gateway within a building will affect its performance.
    The gateway should generally be positioned as high as possible unless you plan to cable the LoRa antenna outside on top of the building or away from the gateway for better reception.
    I would recommend an industrial grade gateway (MTCDT line). Most all of our gateways can run Node-Red, however for a gateway that can run the latest up to date version of Node-Red you would need to look at the Conduit 300.


    Thanks @skovarik for your complete answer. I’ll base my researches on model that you proposed us, and let me please to ask you if I had another question,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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