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    Ronny Cambangay


    I have a problem when i text more that 1000 character and the span 7. When i recieve this text to my phone cut into 7 text like (1of7, 2of7 and etc.)

    i want to recieve as a whole text…

    any can help me out?

    i am using sf100-g



    Mike Gadda

    The SMS standard limit is 160 characters so what you are seeing is normal. The SF100-g won’t be able to merge this into a single text due to the standard it follows, but the receiving side may be able to reconstruct the text back to the original using the tags (1of7..etc).

    Mike Gadda

    Looking into this further I have found a possible workaround:

    When sending an SMS of more than 160 Characters, the user gets multiple messages. What can be done so that only one message is sent to client?
    Try the following:

    upgrade to v1.51.28,

    once upgraded:

    enable “Enable PDU Mode” and “Concatenate Multipart Outbound Messages” in the SMS Settings menu.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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