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    Welcome to

    Before posting on, please make sure to choose the appropriate forum. This will greatly increase the chance that you will receive an answer to your question.

    Various developer forums exist related to specific Multi-Tech products.

    Cellular Development Platform forum

    The Cellular Development Platform is a complete embedded device solution. Providing a hardware and software platform for your embedded application.

    FaxFinder forum

    The FaxFinder defines a web services API to allow for the integration of fax functionality into your application. Also, a T.37 interface for sending faxes via email is available.

    iSMS forum

    The iSMS defines a web services API to allow for the transmission over reception of SMS messages. Received messages can be acted upon to provide information via a remote trigger.

    General Discussion

    Discussions not specifically related to the development forums should be directed to the general forum. Please note this is not a support forum.

    Feature requests

    Please submit your feature requests. We encourage discussion on the merit of such enhancements and the variations that should be considered.

    Happy posting!

    Please abide by the global forum rules!

    Darrik Spaude

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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