Description: Settings for network interfaces : OBJECT

Element Type Description
__v UINT Version of model [2] (automatic)
nis ARRAY A list of configured network interfaces
  MAC STRING MAC address of the interface
  available BOOL Indicates whether or not the network interface is available
  bridge STRING Contains information about connectivity of the network interface to a bridge. If the interface has not connecting it contains ‘–’
  ipv4 OBJECT Contains IPv4 settings
    dns1 STRING Specifies the address of primary DNS server
    dns2 STRING Specifies the address of secondary DNS server
    gateway STRING Specifies the gateway address
    ip STRING Specifies the IP address assigned to this interface
    mask STRING Specifies the mask assigned to this interface
  name STRING Specifies network interface name
  nitype STRING Specifies network interface type ETHER/PPP/WIFI_AS_WAN/WIFI_AP/BRIDGE
  type STRING Specifies network interface type LAN/WAN
wan_exist BOOL Indicates presence of at least one WAN interface