OPKG Package Manager

The opkg utility is a lightweight package manager used to download and install packages from local package repositories or those located online. Opkg attempts to resolve dependencies with packages in the repositories; if this fails, it will report an error, and abort the installation of that package.

By default, opkg on mLinux uses the MultiTech package repository located here: http://www.multitech.net/mlinux/feeds/3.1/. This repository has a significant selection of pre-built packages, but is much smaller than repositories for Ubuntu/Debian. The Conduit factory image includes many of these packages. For a smaller memory footprint, flash in the Conduit base image and then use opkg to install the minimum packages needed.

Add a Package Feed

  • Add a feed url to /etc/opkg/mlinux-feed.conf


  • Ensure the Conduit has an internet connection
  • Update available packages: opkg update
  • Install package: opkg install ruby
  • You can also install a package from another repository or from the local drive:
    $ opkg install http://www.multitech.net/mlinux/feeds/3.1/arm926ejste/wget_1.14-r16.0.0_arm926ejste.ipk
    $ opkg install /tmp/hiawatha_7.7-2_ar71xx.ipk
  • More documentation on opkg is available on its website: http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/opkg