C/C++ Toolchain

To install the C/C++ toolchain, download and execute the install script:

$ curl http://www.multitech.net/mlinux/sdk/3.3.6/mlinux-eglibc-x86_64-mlinux-factory-image-arm926ejste-toolchain-3.3.6.sh > mlinux-toolchain-install.sh
$ chmod +x mlinux-toolchain-install.sh
$ ./mlinux-toolchain-install.sh

Once the toolchain is installed, load the environment for it:

$ source /path/to/sdk/environment-setup-arm926ejste-mlinux-linux-gnueabi

This sets common environment variables for compiling such as $CC, $LD, etc. To compile a single source file C program, run the following from your app’s source code directory:

$ $CC -o myapp myapp.c

Which builds a myapp executable from myapp.c. To execute the app, scp myapp over to the conduit.

Open Source C

You can also build a standard open source C project. For this, the typical process would be:

# load the environment as before.
# run in the source dir for the project.
$ ./configure
$ make