Getting Started with mLinux

1.  Install and Connect Hardware

  • For Conduit® installation, go to Install and Connect Conduit Hardware [the linked post is not published yet].
  • For Conduit® Access Point installation, refer to the Quick Starts or User Guides available through Conduit AP
  • For Conduit® IP67 Base Station, refer to the Installation Guide for your model, available through Conduit IP67 Base Station

2. Access the Terminal Interface via Ethernet

To access the terminal interface:

            1. On your PC, configure the network interface that is connected to the Conduit to be a static IP address within -
            2. Open an SSH connection first
                • Default IP address: (DHCP is disabled)
                • Default credentials (mLinux 3.x and lower): username: root & password: root
                • Default credentials (mLinux 4.0.0 to 5.2.): username: mtadm & password: root
                • Commissioning (mLinux 5.2.1. or higher): you must commission your device after first-time power up or resetting to factory default
                • On Linux, issue this command in your PC’s terminal: ssh root@
                  When prompted, enter the default password.
                • On Windows, do one of the following:
                  • Install Cygwin and use the Linux instructions.
                  • Or install Tera Term or Putty and open a new SSH connection on port 22 using the above defaults.

Conduit’s terminal prompt appears. root@mtcdt:~#

3.  Setting the Time Zone, Date, and Time

If GPS is connected and working and hostfix and NTP are running, then the date and time have already been set. Skip steps b and c.

Otherwise, to set the time zone, date, and time:

            1. Create a symbolic link from the zoneinfo file for your location to /etc/localtime:
              ln -fs /usr/share/zoneinfo/America/Chicago /etc/localtime
            2. Update the date and time to the current time: date "2010-04-02 14:58:01"
            3. Update the hardware clock: hwclock -u -w

4.  Set Custom IP Address, Network Information, and Ethernet Internet Access

To set the IP address and network information:

            1. Network configuration is defined in /etc/network/interfaces
              • To change the static IP, change the address and netmask fields in that file (use vi or nano)
              • To apply changes, either reboot the device or issue: ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0 (note: you’ll lose your ssh session by doing this)
            2. To enable DHCP with default settings, issue: mlinux-dhcpd start
              • Configure the dhcp server by editing /etc/udhcpd.conf (use vi or nano)
              • You can also issue the above command with stop or restart.
            3. To configure internet access via the ethernet port, modify /etc/network/interfaces as follows:
              • Add gateway beneath the netmask line, where is the IP address of your network router
              • To apply changes, either reboot the device or issue: ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0 (note: you’ll lose your ssh session by doing this)
              • Then test for internet access with ping

5.  Configure the Cellular Connection

See Cellular Connection.